Our Commitment to the Environment

Alliance Medical is a leading national provider of diagnostic imaging services.

We recognise the serious threat imposed by climate change and the urgent need for meaningful action and acknowledge that we have an important role to play in promoting a net-zero emissions future.

We are committed to:

  • supporting the NHS and its Green Agenda
  • introducing environmental initiatives that reduce the impact of our
    operations upon the environment
  • encouraging the use of more sustainable and ethical products and
    resources and engaging and influencing our external stakeholders
    and supply chain to do the same and
  • reducing Green House Gas Emissions through the more efficient
    use of electricity, fuel and heat by increasing the proportion of
    renewable energy used within the business.

We have introduced several carbon reduction initiatives into our business to reduce our Green House Gas Emissions, including the introduction of electric and hybrid vehicles into our motor fleet and sourcing 100% renewable energy for our directly controllable sites.

We have prepared a Carbon Reduction Plan which sets out further details of carbon reduction initiatives implemented within our business as well as initiatives we are considering for the future to  reduce our carbon footprint. We plan to achieve a 30% reduction in our  carbon emissions over the next 5 year period.