Our mission, our why

Our why

To support people and partners through the healthcare pathway to enable them to seize life’s opportunities and to improve life expectancy

Our future

Innovation: To be at the forefront of development of services as the healthcare provider of choice for patients, referrers and employees.

Integration: To deliver long-term sustainable partnerships through excellence in clinical practice, learning and investment.

Sustainability: Through using integrated systems, efficiencies and expertise to achieve sustainable partnerships and growth.

Standards: We will not compromise on quality, safety, or transparency in all that we do.

Our principles

We recognise the principles within the NHS Constitution as the first reference point for all NHS  patients and staff. The overriding value is that patients are placed at the centre of everything we do.


Our values

We act with transparency and honesty in everything we do, where staff are encouraged to speak up to
ensure a safe and secure environment for our patients
We deliver the highest quality care whilst caring for our patients and each other with compassion,
dignity and respect.
We constantly seek to improve our ways of working and to use our resources in the most intelligent
way for the benefit of all.
To support and value our staff we create an environment where we continue to learn, providing
opportunities for training and development to help staff to do their work effectively.
We work together and in partnership for all of our patients. We respect expertise and combine it to
achieve more.