Our technology

Each of our scanners is truly world class. We continually invest in cutting edge technology to ensure
we remain at the very forefront of diagnostic imaging capabilities. No other imaging services provider
in the world possesses our combination of advanced scanners.

GE Discovery MI 4 Ring Gen 2 Digital PET-CT scanner

  • The GE CT750 HD brings faster, clearer images with radiation dose reduction.
  • Increased detail through the body and greater detail in the heart with the use of GE’s
    Gemstone Detector™.
  • High-definition image quality across anatomies – the Discovery CT750 HD can reach any part of the
    body of virtually any patient.
Siemens Magnetom AERA 1.5T MRI
  • Motion technology ‘FREEZEit’ enabling us to offer free-breathing scans to patients who struggle
    with holding their breath for periods of time.
  • New, smart automation techniques to ensure consistent, high-quality imaging.
  • A 70cm wide bore to maximise patient comfort.
Acquilion ONE PRISM Edition
  • Specialist software (AiCE) unique to the PRISM, provides the best image quality performed at low
    radiation dose. Offering dose savings of up to 82.4%.
  • One rotation scanning makes CT cardiac imaging suitable for a wider group of patients, including
    those with irregular heart rhythm and those with metal pacemaker wires, something no other CT
    scanner can provide.
  • Enables dynamic imaging of joints in the most realistic way possible allowing for more accurate
    diagnosis of MSK and joint conditions.
  • The unique ability to acquire anatomical and functional data simultaneously, improving clinical
OpenMR Upright and Open MRI scanner
  • OpenMR is completely open above the patient, avoiding any sense of claustrophobia.
  • The system uses a weight-bearing approach for upright scanning of the patient, including allows
    full flexion/extension views
  • The extra-wide bore facilitates the scanning of larger patients, children and elderly patients by
    being a less intimidating environment
EOS Dual Source Upright CT scanner
  • The unique biplanar design and vertical scanning technique acquires frontal and lateral images in
    either a standing or seated position.
  • allows rapid and painless imaging of the entire skeleton at the lowest achievable radiation dose –
    As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA)
  • Discern compensation between the spine, hip and knee thanks to full body, weight-bearing images
  • Calculates precise 2D and 3D measurements, free from magnification or stitching bias
3T Siemens Magnetom Skyra MRI scanner
  • The powerful 3T magnet, delivers high-quality, clear images making it one of the highest quality
    MRI exams available today.
  • Enables fast examinations, ideal for patients who find remaining immobile for an extended time
    difficult, and helps minimize motion-related artefacts.
  • Optimal technology for musculoskeletal, cardiac, neurology and prostate imaging
  • The 70cm wide bore, and 30cm of space above the patient’s face, improves patient comfort.
1.5T Siemens Magnetom Sonata MRI scanner
  • Designed to deliver exceptional imaging in hard-to-image patient groups, those with surgical
    implants, patients with pain, anxious patients.
  • Conventional MRI imaging can show severe image artefacts in patients with orthopaedic implants,
    which limit the adoption of MRI in follow-up, however, cutting-edge technology allows better
    visualisation of surrounding soft tissues leading to accurate diagnosis and improving patient
  • The 60cm wide bore maximises patient comfort.
GE Discover MI 4 Ring Gen 2 digital PET CT scanner
  • The Discovery’s wide range of digital features delivers excellent lesion detectability, spatial
    resolution and quantification accuracy bringing a higher standard of care to more patients.
  • MotionFree is the first-ever digital respiratory motion management solution that completely
    eliminates the need for a gating device. It continually monitors respiratory motion in every
    procedure, and when it detects an anomaly, it automatically modifies the scan and integrates what
    it learns into the final image in real time. MotionFree is the new standard for PET imaging and an
    essential tool for better outcomes.
  • Digital PET-CT technology offers the opportunity to reduce scan times and radiation dose, whilst
    providing increased sensitivity and spatial resolution of images allowing for more accurate
    detection and characterisation of small lesions.
Aplio 500 ultrasound scanner
Our multi-purpose ultrasound suite provides superb diagnostic imaging across a wide range of
specialties, including abdominal, cardiac, obstetrics & gynaecology, vascular and musculoskeletal.

Our specialised Consultant Musculoskeletal team provide ultrasound guided injections for a
multitude of soft tissue and joint conditions, including platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP), hyaluronic
acid and corticosteroid injections.

All examinations are performed by and reported on by Consultant Radiologists in their area of specialist expertise.

Wonderful, clean, spacious building. Helpful, friendly,
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All of the staff, from reception to all the nurses and MRI
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