Leading independent specialist in mobile medical tomography

With our interim service we can lease transportable medical systems for bridging

purposes or for temporary relief at your institute. MRI, CT, cardiac catheter lab and

PET/CT from all leading manufacturers are among our products. The required

diagnostic imaging system will be made promptly available to your institute.

Our Service Summary:

Dedicated Mobile Manager

Receive regular contact with on-site visits and quarterly reviews. Delivering the service you need.

Clinical teams

Our teams are trained across a range of scanners, with skills matched to local service requirements. Skills matrix and Medical Device Assessments (MDAs) are in place.

Free applications training and assessment with OEMs

To improve image quality and volume.

Competitive pricing

Unparalleled service.

Reduces waiting lists across multiple scanning modalities

In one of our mobile CDC villages we reduced MRI waiting lists by 46.6% and CT waiting list by 68%.

Consistently high levels of patient satisfaction

Our current patient satisfaction rate is 97% (satisfied or very satisfied).

We employ 500+ Radiographers and Clinical Assistants

Our dependence on agency staffing is extremely low. Plus, we also use the Allocate resource planning system to ensure the right staff with the right skill are deployed at the right time.

Solutions in nuclear medicine

Radiological solutions

Minimally invasive therapy and diagnostics

Our solutions

Mobile Medical Plus

Full service MRI

Full service CT

Full service PET CT

Full service ESWL

Full service SBB

Full service radiography

Full service imaging center